Matlock Luncheon Club

It was an extra special sight at the April meeting of Matlock Luncheon Club as the ladies attending dressed in their wedding finery to celebrate the royal wedding. Beautiful outfits and wonderful hats that would have elegantly graced Westminster Abbey had we all been invited! Even the speaker, Amanda Bryett, joined in with her elegant dress and hat.

The title of the talk was The History of Vaccination which could have been a rather dry subject for such a sunny afternoon but Amanda soon made us realise that her presentation with slides was anything but dry or dull.

She told us, with pictures to illustrate, how the royal succession had changed due to deaths from illnesses such as TB, smallpox and pneumonia following influenza, that would now have been prevented with the use of vaccines. Mothers were asked where they wished their daughters to be vaccinated - this provide some light-hearted banter with the audience with Amanda asking if anyone had been vaccinated on the unusual areas such as ankles, knees, stomachs and even between the breasts.

Lots of interesting facts were relayed to us on the various numbers who died each year prior to vaccinations from diphtheria, whooping cough and polio then about the introduction of the MMR in the 1990s, a vaccine for

meningitis but the vaccine for meningitis B is still not yet available the latest vaccine to be introduced in the 2000s is against cervical cancer and is given to 12-13 year old girls – this disease kills 1,120 women in the Uk each year.

Amanda brought her talk to a close asking for questions which led to a hands-up session for each childhood disease we had had.

The vote of thanks was given by Brenda Archer.