Matlock mum’s car crash death ‘not suicide’

Rachel Borshik
Rachel Borshik

A CORONER has ruled out a verdict of suicide on a mum-of-three who posted an emotional apology on her Facebook page less than an hour before her car smashed into a wall.

Rachel Borshik, 26, of Matlock was flung from the vehicle during the crash on the A632 close to Walton Hospital between Matlock and Chesterfield at 1.55am on February 1.

The inquest on Tuesday heard that Miss Borshik suffered from depression and had been drinking heavily after becoming embroiled in a custody battle over her three daughters with her former partner.

Her boyfriend also spoke about how Miss Borshik had threatened to kill herself by driving her car in to a wall but Nigel Anderson, deputy coroner for North Derbyshire, ruled out suicide as a cause of death.

Craig Mycroft speaking at Chesterfield Coroners Court, said: “She talked about a previous suicide attempt and said if she was to do it again she would crash her car in to a wall. I talked to her about this at the time and tried to show her that it was not a good thing to do and she did not mention it again.”

On the night of the tragedy Miss Borshik, a former Lady Manners School pupil, wrote on her Facebook page at 1.21am “love to all i no especialy thought so much. im sorry.”

Her Peugeot 106 car hit a dry stone wall while travelling from her home in Overdale towards Chesterfield.

The car overturned and Miss Borshik, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown in to the road.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to hospital in Chesterfield where she died from multiple head injuries.

Test showed her blood-alcohol level was one and a half times over the legal limit.

House mate Matthew Franklin, said Miss Borshik has been depressed since Christmas and drinking heavily, usually around ten cans of lager, plus whisky and vodka a day.

He said: “My personal opinion is the accident was a deliberate act by Rachel. She had no intention of coming home.”

Mr Anderson concluded that Miss Borshik died as a result of the accident.

He said: “The difficulty she was having with access and custody of her children caused her to be very upset. She was treated for depression and was drinking more than was good for her.

“I can’t say on the facts that I could reach a suicide verdict today and I’m going to rule out suicide.

“The fact is on the spur of the moment she decided on the journey when over the limit. She may have misjudged the corner, fallen asleep or simply ran out of road and ran in to the wall.”

He added to Miss Borshik’s parents Carol and David, “I have a child myself who is the same age as Rachel. I can imagine the absolute devastation you must be suffering at losing a child of that age.

“I’m so sorry you lost Rachel in these circumstances.”