Matlock needs a new market

Some years ago Penny Junor on a channel 4 TV programme said, “Matlock is a small market town that has nothing to recommend it.”

Going shopping today you find a shop that should be open at 9am actually opens at 9.05, you go into another shop only to hear what the assistant did last night and what’s on TV instead of being served.

It seems the shop is for the assistants not the bothersome customer, you even see the supervisor talking to another colleague instead of helping out at the check out and cutting the queues.

The the storm drains are full of rubbish and have not been cleaned for a year.

Cars are parked on the pavements and the police do nothing.

You can hear visitors say “Is this all there is, nothing to do, we will be off to Bakewell.”

The council think they are doing a grand job, they are not, for nothing changes. It is just a case of “We have always done it this way and that’s the way we are going to carry on.”

Matlock is a small market town with no market and very few shops. Is that why we go shopping in Chesterfield?

Alan Heathcote

By email