Matlock: Proud Pete the lollipop man praised on birthday

Pete the lollipop man
Pete the lollipop man

A long-standing lollipop man has been hailed by the school he so proudly serves as he celebrated turning 80 last week.

Peter Vale, a road crossing 
patrolman who can be seen regularly stationed outside Highfields School’s Starkholmes site has been praised for the excellent job he has done in ensuring the safety of pupils attending the school.

Affectionately known as ‘Pete the lollipop man’ he has been helping children cross the road at the site for the past eight years.

Peter has had always had a strong long standing 
relationship with the school as for twenty consecutive years he had a child attending 
Highfields; Matthew, now 40 and Robert, Ella and Alice who are all aged 27.

Peter said, “I have really enjoyed doing this job for the past eight years.

“The students start crossing the road with me in year seven and I soon get them up to speed and trained in road safety and 
never have a problem with them again.

“The kids really are great.”

Assistant head of Highfields School Sheila Laming said: “We hugely appreciate the role that the school crossing patrol outside our Starkholmes site plays in ensuring our students reach school safely.”