Matlock residents campaign for access only parking

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A group of residents have signed a petition in a bid to stop council staff parking on their street.

Neighbours in Rutland Avenue, Matlock, are campaigning to make the road ‘access only’, in the hope it will alleviate their parking problems.

The news following the roll–out of a controversial proposal by Derbyshire County Council to introduce paid–for permit parking throughout a wide area of the town.

Jeremy Brough, representing the group of residents, said: “Since moving, we have several issues with parking on street and as a group of residents we’re campaigning for access on to the street.”

He explained that the houses on Rutland Avenue, do not tend to have driveway parking and due to its proximity to County Hall, the streets are often full of staff members cars.

He added: “Cars are damaged on a regular basis and people drive off and don’t report the incident to the owner.”

Jeremy said that he and his fellow residents often have to check to make sure their cars are not blocked in and vehicles were also left across people’s driveways.

“Residents don’t agree with permit parking, as it will reduce the amount of parking spaces on the street and that we will be twinned with another street who could park numerous vehicles on ours,” he added.

“With permit parking it would be very hard to have visitor parking permits evening for doctor’s visits and it still does not guarantee that we can park on our street.”

He said the reason the residents wanted access only parking was because it would allow enough space for everyone to be guarantees to be able to park.

Jeremy concluded: “The residents are prepared to cover the cost of the access only signs and to police the access to the streets to ensure people are aware that it access only before involving the police to have cars removed to have tickets issued.”

The group has handed in the petition for access only parking to Derbyshire County Council.

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