Matlock ring road petition launched

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A forward–thinking resident wants public support in a petition to have a ring road built around Matlock – however the MP for the Dales says such a proposal would be ‘unpopular’.

Tildy Flitcroft, of Darley House Estate, Darley Dale, has launched a petition to reduce the number of houses to be built in the area and create a ring road around Matlock.

The purpose of the new road would be to deal with extra traffic that would come as a result of the large number of houses proposed by the district council over the coming years.

“I feel very strongly that if all the houses are built in Matlock they will need to build a ring road and if they built the ring road first they could build some of the houses near to it,” she explained.

Patrick McLoughlin, who is Secretary of State for Transport, commented: “Whilst congestion in Matlock is a problem sometimes in the summer, I doubt if a ‘ring road’ around the town would be very popular with local people.”

Tildy has lived in her home for ten years and says she often sees the queue of traffic from Matlock reaching past the entrance to her estate.

She suggested the ring road could incorporate Wirestone Lane, which comes out at the top of Slack Hill in order to create a diversion for local motorists to use.

Tildy said local government needs to preserve its agricultural land in case it needs it in the future.

Patrick added: “It is hard to imagine a route that would not destroy a lot of countryside or existing homes. Infrastructure, including roads, is one of the factors that planners will take into account when giving consent for development.”

The petition can be viewed by visiting