Matlock’s Oscars

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Film students from Highfields School had a touch of glitz and glamour this week as they held their annual Oscars event.

On Wednesday, May 22, the course-work of year 13 students was showcased at an awards evening in the school.

The students have to create a short film as part of their final assessment and every year the film studies teachers, Ms Stanley and Mr Key, organise this event to celebrate their achievements.

The evening was a great success with many students and their guests, including family and friends, attending.

The films ranged in genre from horror, espionage and thriller, to a silent film about a French mime artist, to stop motion animation, to an impressionistic representation of the dreams of Sleeping Beauty. Students are responsible for making the whole film, from start to finish, on their own.

The awards were:

Best film - Richard Young

Best director - Chelsea Dunlop

Best Cinematography - Lucy Parkinson

Best Actor - Lewis Gelsthorpe

Best Actress - Emily Duncanson

Best use of Sound - Chelsea Dunlop

Best Editing - Richard Young

Best Screenplay - Richard Young