Matlock school keeps up grades in Ofsted rating

Elton CofE Primary School, Main Street.
Elton CofE Primary School, Main Street.

A village school near Matlock has retained its Ofsted score of “Good” after a fresh inspection.

Elton CofE Primary has maintained standards as inspectors found pupils of all abilities were achieving well in reading, writing and maths.

Head Teacher at the Main Street school Paul Hunter said the team had focused on a number of key areas to improve learning for it’s small classes, totalling 19 children.

He added: “We’re extremely pleased - we’ve put a lot of work into personalised learning, particularly with special needs children and that was one of the things Ofsted pointed out.

“We also do a lot on PE, with swimming every week, Yoga, Bokwa, Tai chi - I personally believe things like PE and music increase children’s ability in other areas of the curriculum and help with literacy and numeracy because it improves their self esteem.”

“They also picked up on our talented support staff. The school has a very high pupil to adult ratio, with 19 children and at least nine adults in school everyday.”

But the report did say the school could improve writing for the more able children to challenge them more.