Matlock students tackle ‘Apprentice’ style challenges

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Eighteen students from Matlock’s Highfields School took over YHA’s head office on Dimple Road for a

The year 10 Business Studies students were at the charity’s head office as part of National Takeover Day, which gives children and young people the chance to work within the management team at YHA for a day and be involved in decision-making.

The 15 and 16-year-olds assigned ‘The Apprentice’ style tasks competing to develop ideas for YHA’s campaign, to promote its fantastic running, walking, cycling and climbing locations all over the country.

Head of economics Jim Grady said: “It was great to see the students involved in a variety of activities. They were up to the challenge and were enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day.”

The teams were tasked to create a YouTube advert with the E-commerce team and also got to try their hand making chocolate gifts with YHA’s Fundraising Manager for the Victorian Market in Matlock.

The biggest challenge came when the students were tasked with making their own pizza from scratch for lunch, including making their own dough.

One of the students, Katy Cooper, 15, said: “I found the day really fun and very different compared to what we usually do at school. We were put into teams without our friends, which meant we had to work with people we wouldn’t usually mix with, which was great. I don’t do much cooking at home but I found making pizzas really fun and it has inspired me to try and cook more.”

Organiser Kate Lansley said: “Working with young people is always at the heart of what YHA does, so it is fantastic to welcome school students into our office.”