MEP urges cardiac awareness week

MEP Emma McClarkin
MEP Emma McClarkin

East Midlands Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin has this week signed an EU petition calling for a European Cardiac Arrest awareness week.

About half a million people suffer sudden cardiac arrests every year in Europe. CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) carried out by bystanders increases the chances of survival by two to three times, however it is only delivered in 1 in 5 of cardiac arrests that happen outside hospitals. Increasing this rate could save 100,000 lives every year in Europe alone.

Miss McClarkin – who is the Conservative spokesperson for Sport in the European Parliament – has signed the petition in the wake of recent high profile tragedies at football matches, including the collapse of Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba in March which stunned the English Premier League. CPR in this case played a major role in his survival.

Miss McClarkin said: “The European footballing community has been brought closer in recent weeks after the death of Piermario Morosini in Italy at the weekend and the collapse of Fabrice Muamba in March.

In the wake of this I think that establishing a Europe-wide Cardiac Arrest awareness week is an excellent idea, and could significantly raise awareness of how best to help someone who suffers sudden cardiac arrest.”