Mercury comment: Let’s hope it’s not US left splashing out..

sp93015 Matlock Leisure Centre ARC
sp93015 Matlock Leisure Centre ARC

Everybody makes mistakes. We all have accidents, get butterfingers and drop stuff.But most of us aren’t daft enough to take a wine bottle into apublic swimming pool and let it smash all over the place.

As we reported here, that’s just what happened at The Arc leisure centre, resulting in the pool being closed for five days during the longest heatwave in years.

We asked the district council if they could tell us how much the closure had cost in lost revenue. Strangely, they couldn’t.

Perhaps more alarming is the fact they also couldn’t tell us if they planned to claim compensation over this lost income.

In these times of austerity, when belts are being tightened and services are coming under spending-cut strain, can we afford just to write off this sum - whatever it turns out to be?

That residents were deprived of local leisure facilities is bad enough. That this incident will also hit us in the public coffers adds insult to injury.

Because let’s not forget that if there is a shortfall in the budget, however small, it will be local taxpayers who will end up having to make it up.

If compensation isn’t pursued , let’s just hope it’s not all of US that are left having to splash out...

Phil Bramley


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