Mercury helped to fix street leak in Wirksworth

A WATER leak that caused misery for residents on a Wirksworth street for more than 15 months has finally been plugged, thanks to the help of the Matlock Mercury.

People on Slater Crescent had urged Severn Trent or the council to take responsibility for the water that would continually seep through a patch of asphalt at the end of their street.

It often left stagnant pools of water, had created large potholes and on some occasions, flooded the garden of a house on the corner of Slater Crescent and Bournebrook Avenue.

But after the issue was raised in the Mercury, resident Michelle Flint said that the work was finally sorted.

She said: “It was surprising how, after we contacted the Mercury, the work got done.

“If it had not gone in the Mercury, I think we would still be ringing up Severn Trent Water and the council, asking for it to be fixed!”

The problem could be traced back to the autumn of 2010 when a section of the road failed to dry, even in dry conditions. The freezing temperatures that followed then broke up chunks of the asphalt, causing more standing water and potholes.

Derbyshire County Council confirmed this week it was they that had finally carried out the work.

A spokesperson said: “We had initially referred the problem to Severn Trent, but when it was confirmed it was nothing to do with them we carried out an investigation.

“It was found there was a problem with the connection of a private drain to the main drain. We couldn’t find the source of the private drain and so did the work as a good-will gesture.”