Merry Xmas from Steve

I would like to wish you and all your readers a very merry Christmas and prosperous new year. It is a difficult time as many people are suffering the effects of rising prices, lower incomes, fears of losing jobs and expectations of others, that increase the stress levels at this time of year. But amidst the gloom there is light as we live in a beautiful part of the country and amongst some wonderful people.

We should never forget the true meaning of Christmas, but it is also a time for celebration and relaxing with family and friends. However, please remember the elderly and infirm who need our help in inclement weather and a simple hello would brighten someone’s life. My late mother always told me “a smile costs nothing, but means so much.”

I hope that in 2012, we shall see the return of respect for others and people regain the pride of their communities.

Merry Christmas

Steve Flitter

County, District and Town councillor