Michelin starred Baslow restaurant reveals plans for special wine room

Hotel and restaurant Fischer's Baslow Hall is to open the Wine Room, a new dining space dedicated to showcase the range and diversity of wines the business offers from around the world.

The Michelin-starred Fischer’s Baslow Hall hotel and restaurant will open a new dining space next month, dedicated to showcasing the venue’s extensive wine list.

The Wine Room has been designed and built by local architects Bluecarrot, with a temperature controlled ‘wine wall’, and traditional Georgian paneling, finished in blue teal.

Owner Max Fischer said: “I have always loved good wine, but it was only when I met the late John Wynne of the famous Epworth Tap near Doncaster around 35 years ago that I really began to develop my wine pallet.

“I have been learning ever since and still feel I know little, but my passion for learning and discovering is as fresh as ever and I love to share that with others.”

The room will be available at lunch and dinner for up to 12 guests. The well known seasonal tasting menu can be accompanied by a selection of wines chosen to complement the dishes.

A series of tasting events are planned too, where guests can meet suppliers and visiting growers to learn about wines over supper.

For full details, see www.fischers-baslowhall.co.uk.

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