More housing will only make problem worse

Having attended the consultation meeting at Highfield School on July 18, and having read the document appertaining to future housing for this area, I would like to make the following points:

Firstly, I and many others that I have spoken to, are not convinced that Matlock requires the amount of houses stated.

There are hundreds of houses available in this town, plus flats and apartments that are empty for one reason or another.

The housing market is not likely to recover with extra building. We are in the depths of a recession.

Most of us, young and old alike, cannot afford food, fuel, gas and electric rates etc., let alone trying to get a mortgage to buy a new house.

Are you going to give the houses away, subsidise them for benefit scroungers or leave them stood empty?

This is not for Matlock, please get the message. Most of us are not spending money, that is why lots of businesses, hotels, pubs etc., are closing down, they cannot afford the high rates. Building hundreds of houses will not change that.

The amount of new houses suggested will firstly devalue those existing, piling more pressure on home owners and secondly, will take away permanently more green spaces which visitors and locals alike enjoy.

If we have to build houses at all, I and successive governments alike insist that brownfield sites are used up first.

You must therefore put more time and effort into finding areas.

I also believe that building of new houses should be phased, a few at a time, to see if the projected figures stack up.

Let’s have the many homes planned in Cawder Quarry completed and sold before any new projects are started.

I fear that the Cawder brownfield site will never get started if the developers know of the hundreds of other sites (greenfield) are going to happen.

Who knows, if and when Cawder is completed, this may prove to be more than enough to meet your needs and not change this beautiful area too much.

Therefore, saving millions of taxpayers money which could be diverted to front line services and keeping our rates down.

I respect that my views will be ignored, in which case, I must be specific and highlight a major obstacle for building houses on MAT 2 rear of Wolds Rise.

It is imperative that the road access to Cavendish estate is changed. It currently cannot cope with the demand, with only a single track road due to ‘legal’ parking (try accessing the estate on a Saturday or Sunday morning when sport events are taking place) large lorries, excavators and cranes will seriously compound this problem.

You are already putting people - particularly OAPs and sportsmen - at risk because emergency services can’t get to them.

The success of the Cavendish field sport association has seriously increased the level of traffic on Cavendish Road, and additional 400 to 500 cars attended the football competitions every Saturday morning in season for instance - the fields are used every day.

Please ask the residents by survey to get their view and check vehicle numbers.

This problem can only get worse with an extra 129 houses proposed.

I hope and trust these points are considered and noted upon and not ignored.

Roger Taylor

Life President of the Cavendish Field and Sports Association