More toilet humour please

The Mercury letter columns have taken a very special delivery already this Christmas, I have often heard it said that smallest packages sometimes contain the most sparkling contents and that one is a gem.

Graham Ludlam’s letter last week certainly put his stamp on that little cracker and a first class one at that.

To me that was wit personified- let us have more of this stimulating reading.

Bearing in mind this town is run by cloth-eared nincompoops, I would hazard a guess and say that the re-building of the 400 miles of Pacific coastline left the council struggling against the tide.

As for work on Hall Leys toilet block, I am 99 per cent certain that it began last May, but according to the local grapevine, my assumptions are that the building plans were faced with a blockage in the brain cell department of the district council.

Was this yet another cock up? Work was delayed to allow that muddled-up lot to carry out another of their self-styled reviews. It wasn’t until early December that we had the first flush and were then able to answer the call of nature.

The project has cost a lot of money, we have fought for long enough to get what this town has needed for years, so it’s up to the general public to treat these spanking new toilets as we would in our own homes.

They are to use and not abuse, the question is will they cleaned to hygienic standards every day?

Laugh and be happy this Christmas everyone, and remember that all you really need is love.

Dorothy Corker