More voters won’t mean better councillors

You quite rightly highlighted Alan Heathcote’s letter (Matlock Mercury, July 26).

It is all to rarely that the electorate is reminded of its apparent neglect in turning out to vote for those people they judge will act responsibly, objectively, even-handedly and in a self-sacrificing manner on their behalf.

It is ever a painful business, however, when illusions have eventually to be shattered by reality.

Councillors (and MPs) constantly wring their hands over what they claim is public apathy but fail to realise that there isn’t any; the fact is that much of the allegedly apathetic electorate are informed enough to willingly vote for ‘none of the above’ if there was such a box to tick.

The problem, Mr Heathcote needs to know, lies with the candidates, not the voters, and to blame the latter for suffering incompetent councillors is a slight on those who are more aware than he seems to be.

Put simply, more voters doesn’t mean better councillors.

Colin Goodwyn