Motorcyclists bank holiday protest

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OFF-ROAD motorcyclists from around the county are set to descend on the Peak District this bank holiday to protest against proposals to ban them from green lanes.

The riders intend to head to the trails they would normally ride on Bank Holiday Sunday, but instead of riding, they will park – blocking the routes to other users.

The reason the bikers are taking action is that they fear the proposals – from Friends of the Peak District and other groups – are ‘just the start’ of a wider campaign to ban them from the park all together.

Ride organiser Mike Irving, of the Trail Riders Fellowship, said: “One of the messages we get from the ‘antis’ is that where the tarmac stops, so should we.

“So, for the Sunday morning, that’s what we will do. We will be recreating the trail riding experience on tarmac – travelling in small groups at no more than 25mph – stopping for horses and to admire the scenery.

When the bikers reach the green lanes, they will stop and wait.

Mike said: “We appreciate that this may make access to the lanes more difficult but we hope to make the point that we actually cause little inconvenience for anyone and if we are unable to use these roads – then the unintended consequences may be very inconvenient for other visitors to, and residents of, the park.”

The riders will be congregating at Stanage Pole around 1pm. For details contact Richard Simpson on 07812 402021.