Motorists speak out over £10k fine plan

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Motorists across Derbyshire have spoken out over Government plans to dramatically increase motorway speeding fines.

Under the proposals, drivers who break the 70mph limit on motorways could be hit with a fine as high as £10,000.

The huge penalty will be introduced as part of a Government drive to give magistrates greater sentencing powers. This will help cut the number of cases going to crown court.

On the Derbyshire Times’ Facebook page, Mel Bacon said: “No speeding, no fine – simple!”

Pixie And-Her Pixels said: “People will have nothing to worry about if they drive how they’re supposed to.”

Stevo Sweeney added: “Ridiculous – it would never get paid!”

Road safety chiefs have urged motorists to slow down and keep their distance from other vehicles after research revealed that nearly 60 per cent of drivers risk tailgating on motorways.

Mike Ashworth, chairman of Derbyshire road safety partnership, said: “Traffic on these types of roads is usually travelling faster so you have less time to react. Keeping a gap of at least two seconds between you and the vehicle in front is important on all roads – and it should be extended to at least four seconds when it’s wet or there’s poor visibility.”