Mountain rescue team comes to climber’s aid

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breaking news

Derby Mountain Rescue Team were called out on Saturday afternoon, January 28, to assist an ambulance crew in Winster who were attending to an injured walker.

The 65-year-old woman and her husband were walking along an uneven muddy path only 100 metres from the main road when she twisted her ankle, causing a possible fracture.

An EMAS ambulance crew attended the incident but required the services of mountain rescue to transport the woman by stretcher to the road where she was then taken by ambulance to Chesterfield hospital for treatment.

Despite the closeness of the casualty to the road, the nature of the terrain meant that the ambulance crew would not have been able to evacuate the woman by themselves and needed to call in the team.

A team spokesman said: “This is a fairly typical incident for us, where skills practiced in extracting casualties from very difficult locations can be called upon to simply get an injured person across a muddy field.”