Mountain rescue teams rescue family off Kinder Scout

Eccles Pike looking towards Mount Famine and Kinder Scout
Eccles Pike looking towards Mount Famine and Kinder Scout
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The Kinder and Glossop mountain rescue teams and a coastguard helicopter were called out to rescue a family from Kinder Scout on Saturday (August 27).

The teams were called out shortly after 6pm to a large family group, two of whom had painful ankle injuries and felt unable to continue.

After locating the party using the GPS on their mobile phones, they were found to be part way up the Three Knolls Path, below Kinder’s edge path.

Due to the injuries and very poor weather conditions a coastguard helicopter was requested, but was initially unable to assist due to lightning around it’s home airfield.

After another of the family party then reported a potentially serious condition, the helicopter managed to lift off, having to fly some distance to the North to avoid bad weather.

It then skilfully landed in a hover to enable loading of the priority casualty and rapid transfer to hospital in Manchester.

The mountain rescue teams then assisted with the stretchering and walking off the two original casualties plus other family members.

In total the rescue took six hours and involved 28 mountain rescue team members across the two teams.