Mountain team rescue lost walkers on Kinder Plateau

The Kinder Mountain Rescue Team was called out to assist a group of lost walkers on Kinder Plateau - their first operation since the death of volunteer Ken Blakeman.

Thursday, 7th July 2016, 3:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th July 2016, 4:12 pm
Kinder Plateau near Kinder Low

They were called out late afternoon on Wednesday, July 6 after a couple had become disorientated whilst trying to follow the old Pennine Way route over the plateau from Kinder Downfall over to the Southern Edges.

Having tried to back-track their route they realised they couldn’t re-locate the stream they had followed and took the decision to stay put and raise the alarm. S

The couple were safely located with the help of search dogs.

Ken died after collapsing while helping to rescue a 17-year-old girl on Kinder Scout at about 2pm on Saturday.

Spokesman Paul Mann said: “It was nice to be operational again as a team, following the sadness from events last weekend. So proud of everyone who was able to respond to today’s callout and the way our close knit team all pulled together, supported each other and had a ‘business as usual’ approach - Just the way our beloved Chairman Ken would have wanted it.”