Move would be a disaster

I know that many of your readers are annoyed and even angry at the district council’s controlling Conservative group’s action in voting for the scheme that provides a new supermarket of 38,000 square feet. 
This is one and a half times the size of Sainsbury’s.

There is also no promise of assistance with the provision of a new public library, a new public square, enhanced facilities in the Imperial Rooms, a reinvigorated riverside frontage, new pedestrian links, etc.

These were all included in previous plans.

I accept that things are bad economically, but the town could wait until things improve so that help for the above aspirations could be met. Remember Sainsbury’s gave us a relief road, new bus station and car park as well as a half a million pounds towards the Crown Square improvements.

Councillor Rose tells us that we will be consulted twice on the plans. This is a laugh. The District Council are well known for consulting the public, but only AFTER they have finalised their plans. You must also keep in mind that the size of the supermarket will not be up for discussion, that will have already been signed and sealed with the developer.

Most people, I think, accept that a new supermarket needs to be part of the plans on economic grounds, but one of the size that is proposed will be a disaster for the town and decimate the small traders.

It is also interesting to note that at the meeting only one of the Matlock Tory Councillors said a few words, the other two did not speak, but all voted for the proposition.

Your readers might like to ask them why and also where are we going to get the funding to provide a town centre worthy of a County Town

Councillor David Barker

Matlock Town Council