Movement of the toll bar stones

Regarding the mystery stone, (letters, August 1), this pillar and others like it marked the Toll Bars on the turnpike roads.

There is one outside the entrance to the New Bath Hotel, Matlock Bath. I am not sure if it can still be seen now the Hotel is boarded up.

The Toll bar originally stood just North of Masson Mill on the A6 and if you look at the wall on the river side you can see where it changes.

When the A6 was widened the toll pillar was saved and taken to the New Bath where it stood outside on what was known as Saxton’s Green after one of the hotel owners, George Saxton , also a founder of HolyTrinity Church.

Buxton Museum and Art gallery has a beautiful painting of the New Bath Hotel with a sign on the side describing it as Saxton’s Hotel.

I think the pillar outside the Old English may also have been moved as it is unlikely there was a Toll Bar there where the path led down to the river.

There is a short description of a guided walk round Matlock Bath in Matlock Bath Walks Then and Now, F. Bayles and J. Ede, available from Scarthin Books, Cromford. .

Janet Ede

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