Mum smokes weed with toddlers in car

A mother has been convicted for smoking cannabis on the school run in, a court heard.

Kayleigh Marie Hill, 20, of Carrbrook, Stalybridge, Glossop, was sentenced at High Peak Magistrates’ Court, on Monday.

She pleaded guilty to possessing 8.7 grams of the class B drug on 18th February.

The court heard that the defendant was a passenger in a Vauxhall Astra, which was stopped by police at about 4.30pm on the A57, in Brookfield.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, prosecuting, said officers noticed a strong smell of cannabis in the vehicle, which was driven by Leanne Ingram, and also contained Mark Simms, Hill’s son and Miss Ingram’s daughter.

The defendant produced two amounts of cannabis, one from her bra, which was worth about £5, and a bag from her pocket, worth between £90 and £130.

When Hill was interviewed, she said she was picked up by her friend who then took her to collect her son from nursery.

Whilst driving towards Glossop, Miss Ingram suggested they have a smoke and they stopped to allow Hill to buy £70 worth of cannabis off a dealer who she refused to name.

The defendant, who has been smoking cannabis for six months, said she intended to share the drug with the three adults in the car.

David Campbell, defending, said that the incident came as a “short, sharp shock” for his client, and that she had stopped smoking as a consequence.

Chairman of the Bench Pam Ashton fined Hill £110 and ordered her to pay £200 court costs.