Music to help mind and body

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Music is being used to tackle dementia and social exclusion issues among the tenants of a housing assocation.

Memories to Music encourages residents to meet up and sing classic hits from yesteryear to unlock past memories, help them meet new friends and have fun.

The initiative has been set up by Future Homescape which provides about 6,000 homes across Amber Valley.

Debbie Wood, of Futures Homescape’s supported housing team, said: “We’re tackling a whole range of issues with this; it’s not just about dementia, it’s about our tenants getting together, being a little more active and having a better social life.

“We’ve got them singing songs like London’s Burning complete with all the actions, as well as some of the old classics too. They really enjoy it.

“The group are taught to put words and actions together with the aim of exercising their bodies and memories, which can be crucial in fighting the effects of dementia.”

Maureen Browning, a tenant who has been attending Memories to Music, said: “It gets us out and about and having a chat with each other.”

Memories to Music is the latest scheme launched by Futures Homescape to fight dementia with the housing association also setting up Reminiscence Pods in community centres.

For more information, call 01773 573100.