My Opinion by Fliss Hilton

Fliss Hilton
Fliss Hilton

2012 was the year that marked ‘Cool Britannia’, when there had never been a better time to be British. We heard how this enthusiasm for our native isle had cascaded down from on high to infect the everyday spirit of our fellow people. Communities were resurrected, people smiled and bid each other ‘good day’ I had hoped it would remain this way forever more, but my recycling collection put paid to that.

You see I have to put our recycling bin out the day before it is collected due to a rather hectic work schedule - not something I imagined caused too much offence. Sadly I was wrong. 
Approached as I was by irate neighbours who claimed that my husband and I were, ‘defacing the view of our street with our reckless antics!’

Astounded that this should cause such offence, , I agreed to change my ways.

I remained downhearted about the sad demise of our sense of community until the heavy snow last month

As I looked out of the window one morning to see people struggling to get around, I noticed a young disabled man who was helping to dig one of our ‘friendly neighbours’ car out of the snow.

Perhaps if they recycled some of his community spirit and binned their own narrow minded view of the world, 2013 would carry 2012’s mantle of a more caring and tolerant future