My opinion by Kevin Stones, head chef at Stones restaurant, Matlock: TV dinners keep chefs on our toes!

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Masterchef, Come Dine With Me, Great British Bake Off etc - television has become an unending rolling buffet of cookery shows. As a result, Derbyshire diners have never been more informed.

Not only do they want to know where their food comes from, they want to know how it was kept and exact preparation techniques.

We even get diners asking to come into our kitchen to take a look at the technology we’re using! It’s been a massive change, particularly over the last year or two. Dining out and eating in have become strongly interconnected.

More and more, diners try and recreate our food in their own homes. The difference is, I have so much technology at my fingers tips. For example, take a dehydrator which removes all the moisture from ingredients and gives you the strongest possible hit of flavour.

That can’t be replicated away from a professional kitchen (though it doesn’t stop them trying).

Modern diners have seen behind the curtain, they know what goes on in a kitchen. Televised cooking shows have been great for the resurgence in interest in dining out, but ask any Derbyshire restaurant owner and they’ll tell you – the added interest means you’ve really got to get at the top of your game at every service.”