My opinion by Mercury reader Christian Smith: Back the campaign to protect Derbyshire

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I’m very glad to see a campaign being led by Derbyshire councils against the coalition’s draconian cuts.

For areas like Derbyshire, the unfair balancing of the cuts means it’s likely that we’ll continue to see counties in the Midlands and North take harsher cuts than southern counties.

It’s also likely that the doctrine that guides most of taxpayer’s money into the cities and away from town and village based areas, like the Derbyshire Dales, will prevail.

At a time like this, it is more public spending that is needed. Some may dispute this based on the popular misconception that overspending ruined the wider British economy. It would seem that the Tories managed to manipulate a crisis caused by a lack of regulation, credit bubbles, stagnating wages/falling demand and bank bailouts into a piece of political capital called ‘Labours reckless spending’.

I personally love seeing a clean Matlock where local projects are happening all the time and my waste is being collected; this is what the campaign means for the local area on a basic level.

I would urge everyone to back a campaign like this; regardless of your personal politics all of us must want the best possible public services for the local area and if we don’t make our voice heard we will lose a part of what makes the local area so great.

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