My Opinion: By Mercury reader Christian Smith: Show your support for LOCAL events

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One of the things that really impresses me about the local area has to be the live music events, especially the small festivals which showcase a lot of good local talent.

There are some great bands around Matlock, although it is very common for me to forget the name of those bands, however this often causes little problems as you can usually guarantee that they will be performing at another local festival due to the decline of touring which seems to affect all small artists.

Although many of us don’t think about what’s on locally and therefore make the mistake of feeling that there probably isn’t very much, after a few minutes of thought I could list several: Ashleyhay, Elton Beer Festival, Exile, Middleton Rocks, Bakewell Music Festival, Stainsby … and of course … one of my surprising favourites, Winster Night. I’m true born ‘n’ bred Matlock, but despite possible prejudgements about territorial nature, I’ve been to Winster Night twice and have since realised that anyone can go regardless of the geography of their nest. I would encourage anyone to head up and see local people, most of all having a laugh. It’s cheap and the money goes into good pockets. The biggest motive for us all to attend local events is that, with the way things are, it suits our pockets more and petrol tank too.