My opinion by Mercury reader Christian Smith: Warm weather reward for exam work

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It would seem that summer has finally arrived and as usual it is possible to see some Wimbledon inspired 2-3 week tennis players.

In the past, I have fallen victim to Wimbledon fever myself, but my heart will always be set on that mid-summer football that has you sweating before kick-off.

When it comes to summer, I’ve got to admit despite my in-build British cynicism that Matlock is a truly wonderful place to live.

Ever since the refurbishment of Hall Leys Park there’s been plenty to do.

I remember back in the days when I used to skateboard, I’d spend hours down the skate park and be going down on consecutive days.

I will put it out there however that it would be nice if Sheriff Fields had the goalposts up more often… and possibly some nets.

I’ve got to say that I’m fairly certain that this great weather we are having is a reward for the hard work of all of us A-level students during the exam period, I’m just hoping that there is no rain on results day in August.

Sometimes I feel like in this heat, reading the Mercury outside could then lead to reading the same words again inked onto your fingers.

I’d be eternally grateful if I saw a few lines of mine across someone’s arm.