My Opinion by Mercury reader: Fliss Goldsmith: The Lady’s not for burning

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This month saw the death of Baroness Thatcher, or Maggie as she was more commonly known. Lady Thatcher has become as polarising in death as she was in life. The response to her death has proven to me that sometimes we really do say it best when we say nothing at all.

I am not for one minute trivialising the life altering upheaval that some of her more famous policies created for a vast number of families in this country during her time in office, but are we really so crass that we can ‘celebrate’ the death of a person?

She was, after all, someone’s mother. No doubt Carol and Mark will ride the storm fully expecting the outpouring of rapture from some quarters of the country on the news of their mother’s passing - but does that make it OK for us to behave in such a way?

Her policies may have changed the face of this nation, but can we really forget how consequent governments have driven the economic nail of recession into Britain’s coffin? Yet I am sure there will not be an upturn in sales of balloons and party poppers when Tony Blair shuffles off this mortal coil. Political preference in this instance is not important, rather the way we conduct ourselves in response to the death of an old lady with dementia. Perhaps if we have nothing good to say, we should maintain dignity in silence.