My opinion by Mercury reader Gemma Richmond: Bad weather brings out the best in us

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I will be the first to say that I got fed up with the snow. Yes, for a few short hours it was very comforting to look out of the window, curled up with a cuppa, watching the snow falling. 
However, the novelty definitely soon wore off.

But I noticed one benefit which comes with it. It was amazing to see the amount of drivers having trouble – sliding into walls, stuck on mounds of snow. But even more amazing was those giving them a helping hand. A push to get them going again, the loan of a shovel and assistance with the digging. It’s encouraging to see everyone work together in this way.

It was equally discouraging, however, to experience the complete shift of attitude within only the next couple of days. Once the gritters and snow ploughs had been along (and they did a brilliant job this time round) my fellow drivers had reverted back to their impatient, thoughtless selves. Quite a few times I was forced onto the mounds of snow at the sides which my little car struggled to free itself from. It was as if the good will had been shovelled to the sides of the road along with the snow.

It’s nice to know that there will always be people willing to help when things get difficult. A shame, though, that such a positive attitude can’t continue when the sun shines.