My opinion: Smedley is more than just a street

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The Café In The Park do fabulous chocolate crispy cakes. Really tasty. Just so you know.

My other thought while sat there with my cuppa was how wonderful it was to see the pictures they have on display, old black and whites of Matlock. There’s the old tram stop in the square, the Crown Hotel, a flooded Hall LeysPark. I realised I found these images so interesting because I was seeing them for the first time. Why is this?

Last time I acknowledged a local fear of losing our unique identity as a town. So why do we not have more of our fascinating history officially on display for the huge influx of tourists we welcome each year?

There is a shocking lack of accessible information concerning the history we should be boasting of.

I recently heard a rumour of a proposal to do something with the new roundabout as you come into Matlock on the Bakewell Road – using the space to announce our pride in Matlock’s heritage to arriving visitors and welcome them to investigate such important figures as Smedley and Arkwright.

What a fabulous idea. And how about a mini-museum, dedicated to showcasing all those long-lost black and whites? I know this information is out there but let’s make it easier to find and remind people of the important part Matlock has played and continues to play in the development of the area.