My pension is not what it was

I refer to Ed Runham and M Varney’s letters of December 8.

Whilst I appreciate some of their comments they fail to mention that continuity of the present increasing level of public pensions is not affordable, due to the high level of government debt and the rapidly increasing life span.

Approx half of those in the private sector have had massive reductions in both the values of their pension funds and subsequent pensions.

Surely public sector workers should be willing to have some smallish reductions in their pensions?

There are only two choices for us in the private sector: a fixed none inflating pensions or one subject to the vagaries of stockmarkets, gilts and property movements etc.

Public sector workers/ pensioners have not been affected by the financial disasters of the last 12 years, having been cushioned by having continual annual increases, usually based on the rise in retail prices, thus being absolved from any risk. As for Mr Varney’s suggestion of sympathy for me – more is required!

Like many other public sector pensioners at 73 I work part time to “plug the gap” as my works pension is now only a quarter of that projected 17 years ago.

John David Fearn

Darley Dale