My show was very enjoyable

With reference to John Campey’s letter, apart from going to the Bakewell show on different days, we clearly went with very different eyes. I paid my first visit to the show this year – and the first animals to greet me were sheep. The presentation on the different types of sheep and the shearing demonstration were fascinating. Then there were chickens, ducks, dogs, donkeys, etc.

The only creature I don’t recollect seeing was a cat, but maybe I missed something!

Of course there were stalls and machinery. Surely that’s all part of an agricultural show, and where did Mr Campey expect to get any refreshments, especially on such a hot day, if there weren’t every kind of repast to chose from?

Unfortunately, we can all treasure our images of the past and have them knocked for six by the present. I’m as guilty as anyone on that score.

However, that’s no justification for publicly damning an event so many others found enjoyable and hopefully his comments won’t deter another first-timer giving it a go next year.

Patricia Batstone