New chief for county council

Derbyshire County Council has selected Ian Stephenson as its next chief executive.

Mr Stephenson, who has been temporarily covering the job following the departure of former chief executive Nick Hodgson in June, took over the role officially on Friday.

The £138,000 a year post was advertised nationally and interviews took place over two days at County Hall on July 25 and 26.

Mr Stephenson joined the county council in 2007 as Strategic Director of Environmental Services building on his senior management roles at Wakefield and Doncaster councils.

Commenting on Mr Stephenson’s appointment, Council Leader Councillor Anne Western said: “I am delighted Mr Stephenson has been successful in securing this important job. We will be putting his considerable experience of working for Derbyshire and other councils to good use.

Councillor Western said she recognised the contribution Nick Hodgson had made over many years and the council was grateful for his long and loyal service which had served local people well.

She added: “But this is a new council and local people overwhelmingly voted for a new approach and new ideas. That’s what we promised and that’s what we will focus on delivering over the next four years.

“These are very difficult times – made more so by the Government’s further cuts to council spending. We’re very aware of the need to save money and to do our very best to make sure we deliver on our promises to local people.

“The changes we have made so far will save money and we believe will result in better services. Mr Stephenson will help us do that by ensuring the council is more efficient and effective and by delivering much-needed changes to put people at the heart of what the council is here for – to serve them.”

Mr Stephenson’s appointment as Derbyshire County Council’s Chief Executive and Head of the Paid Service will be recommended to the Full Council at its next meeting on Wednesday 2 October.