New dog grooming business wins Prince’s Trust support

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A Matlock woman hopes her new dog grooming salon will develop a strong pedigree now she has secured support from the Prince’s Trust.

Alice Parkinson, 25, opened Cloud K9 last month, just one day after completing her training with one of Derbyshire’s top salons.

It marked the final step in a journey which began in January, when she was made redundant from a job with a local chocolatier.

She said: “My partner and I had just bought our house so we had to sit down and think.

“The one thing that came to me was how much I wanted to work with animals. I’ve always had dogs, and I just love being around them.”

She secured a place on an intensive training course, and got to work learning to bathe dogs, give health checks, clip nails and maintain paw pads, and clip and cut their fur.

Alice also decided to be her own boss, and so enlisted the help of enterprise charity, The Prince’s Trust.

She said: “I didn’t need funding, but they’ve helped me prepare a business plan, work out the finances and start marketing the salon.”

Alice impressed the charity so much that she moved on to an enterprise course, and has now been awarded two years of mentoring support after dazzling a panel of judges.

Cloud K9 is based in a fully equipped, insulated summer house in Alice’s garden.

She said: “I think it’s really helping the dogs to be in a homely environment. The owners are telling me how much happier they are here.

“It’s much more calm and relaxed than a lot of salons, I don’t use muzzles or cages. I just want the dogs to be happy, healthy and hygienic.

For details of all services on offer, find @cloudk9groomers on Facebook or go to