New insurance options for young Dales drivers

Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership has welcomed a rise in the number of pay-how-you-drive insurance policies available to young drivers.

Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “Pay-how-you-drive policies reward safe driving with lower premium costs. They have been made possible thanks to smartbox technology which monitors the driving of the policy holder.

“One in five drivers crash within 12 months of passing their test and we know that many people feel anxious about the challenges that their children will face once they’ve got their full licence.

“We’ve always recommended that concerned parents enrol their children on advanced driver training. Now those looking for additional peace of mind will be able to explore the possibility of a pay-how-you-drive insurance policy as well. They won’t suit everyone but they are worth considering.”

Pay-how-you-drive smartboxes monitor a range of factors including how fast you drive, braking, cornering, how you accelerate, the times of day when your car is driven, how long you drive for without a break and how many miles you travel.

Smartboxes rate the quality of a policy holder’s driving using a traffic light system or by giving marks out of five. Smartbox ratings are sent to insurers via satellite and policy holders can check their scores online.