New school bus route launched to keep kids and parent safe on danger Derbyshire road

Lady Manners School, Bakewell.
Lady Manners School, Bakewell.

A new school bus route will be set up between Over Haddon and Bakewell to avoid the “hazardous” walking routes which pupils and parents face.

The new route between the two Derbyshire villages would be to transport pupils from Over Haddon to Lady Manners School in Shutts Lane but could also be used by people to get to both Bakewell Infant School and Bakewell Methodist Junior School which are nearby.

Up until now, pupils and parents in Over Haddon had to traverse 1.6 miles of Bakewell Road to get to schools in the village.

The speed limit on Bakewell Road is 60mph and there is no pavement, footpath or street-lighting.

Over Haddon Parish Council clerk Matthew Lovell said: “It is excellent news, the parish council has been talking about this issue for years, including doing walks of the route and traffic surveys.

“It is a dangerous road for parents and pupils to get to school on.

“We are glad that the local authority is looking to take on the service.”

The county council typically only provides free transport to schools if families live more than the required distance away – not close enough to walk.

This is two miles for children aged under eight and three miles for children over the age of eight.

There is “an expectation on parents to ensure their children are safe if walking to school when they do meet the criteria”.

However, if a route is officially designated as “hazardous” an exception can be made.

The new bus will stop outside Lady Manners School but will not be able to take children direct to the infant or junior schools due to timings of the school day and access issues through Stoney Close and Bath Street in Bakewell.

But if parents choose to drive their children to these schools they would be given 45p per mile in compensation.

The county council would issue a bus pass to all eligible students using the new route to Lady Manners School.

Overall, the proposal would see the county council lose around £228 per year per child, it is forecast by officers.

In the past three years there have been three recorded accidents causing injury near the area – all of which were along the B5055 between the Burton Moor Road junction and Monyash.

A vehicle count which took place in Over Haddon stated that in one day, 105 cars, eight vans and three lorries travelled through the village.

The proposal is set to be discussed on Friday, June 29, by cabinet member for young people councillor Alex Dale.

Eddie Bisknell , Local Democracy Reporting Service