New start for bin collections

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Households across Bolsover District and North East Derbyshire are being reminded that their green bin collections are due to start again in early March.

The green bin collections were suspended over the winter months as people are less active in the garden and there is little green waste being produced.

However, with spring on the horizon and people wanting to get back into their gardens the collections will start again.

Residents can place items such as leaves, hedge and plant clippings, twigs, branches and prunings, grass mowings, weeds and cut flowers, uncooked vegetative waste and pet bedding into their green bins. Residents are also asked not to put any black or burgundy bin type wastes in their green bin to help avoid contamination.

The green waste is taken to a composting facility where it is then turned into valuable resource instead of sending it to landfill.

Materials can be used for recycling or composting, with the rest of the waste being used to generate heat and power instead of it just going into the ground.

Residents should check the waste and recycling calendars that where distributed before Christmas or visit or for more information about collections.