News of plots is good for town

Your report about the announcement, at last week’s Allotments Show, of our exciting plans for a new allotment site in Matlock, at County Hall, is indeed good news, not least for a number of those on the long list of residents waiting patiently for a fruit and vegetable plot.

Negotiations have been ongoing over the past year or so, following an initiative by Transition Matlock to try to boost local food growing, which should prove that environmental groups like ours do not just talk about sustainability issues, but seek practical solutions and work hard to achieve them, for example our work to promote a local Food Hub.

As regards the new allotment site, following a number of positive meetings with senior County Council officers, we have worked closely in recent months with the Wellfield Allotments Society in order to bring the project to fruition.

The expectation is that the Allotments Society will actually lease and establish the new plots on the basis of an agreed management plan.

Transition Matlock members will continue to act as a catalyst in seeking additional sites for allotments as well as community orchards, similar to that off Megdale.

I suspect the town council, which currently manages the large Wellfield Allotments site, will also be looking for potential land for allotments, in order to reduce its present waiting list.

Martin Burfoot