No need for a personal attack

Oh why, oh why, we cry, does John Evans keep acting like a school headmaster who has lost his cane?

I am responding to John Evans’s letter (Matlock Mercury, July 14) in which the ex-chairman of Darley Dale Town Council had written, in part, a reasonable letter after the decision was given by the Derbyshire Dales planning committee of a new build of 22 affordable homes (including seven apartments and one bungalow) given the go ahead at the Greenaway Lane Primary School site.

In brief, Darley Dale Town Council requested more bungalows to have been included in the scheme but this has now been rejected in favour of accommodation for families.

It is also true that the then Cllr Evans, alongside many other councillors and residents, fought a long and hard campaign against the development of affordable homes on this particular site – but really was it necessary to spoil his point with snide and low-brow personal remarks to individual members of the Derbyshire Dales planning committee?

All the members noted in his letter to a man were not Tory members. Cllr Robert Cartwright is Labour, Cllr Peter Slack is Labour and Cllr David Fearn is Lib Dem. Out of 16 members of the main planning committee, there are 12 Tory members, two Labour members and two Lib Dem members. Therefore, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the majority who voted for this new build were Tory (declarations of interest aside)! Again, David Fearn voted against this development on planning grounds so it seems he can’t do right for doing wrong in Mr Evans’s eyes, who obviously feels the need to kick someone now this battle is lost.

On a personal note, I count Cllr David Fearn as a friend who has been an elected councillor for over 37 years and therefore knows quite a deal more about planning matters than Mr Evans does. Cllr Fearn has time and again been voted for by the people of Darley Dale for his experience and good character. I know him to be hard-working, dedicated and incredibly fair and honest, but unlike Mr Evans, would not sink to this low level of personal attack.

I say shame on you Mr Evans. The people of Darley Dale by now have well and truly got the measure of you.

Sally Shaw

Darley Dale