No-one told me about unit

In response to your request for people who were not informed about Darley Birth Centre I would like to share my story.

At my first appointment with the midwife she assumed I’d have my baby in Derby (I live in Belper) and at this point I said I’d prefer to go to Chesterfield. She didn’t seem happy about this at all. After this I did some research and found out about Darley Birth Centre. At my third midwife appointment I said I would like to go to Darley to have my baby. The response was “Well, if that’s what you want, remember you are a first time mum!”

All my other midwife appointments were at Darley and I had a very enjoyable birth experience at Darley on January 22, 2010.

At no point did anyone I came into contact with mention Darley Birth Centre to me. If I hadn’t have found out about it myself I would not have known of its existence.

It is such a fantastic place it would be criminal to lose it.

Nerys Allsop