No room for council workers to park say residents

Parking congestion on John Street, Matlock.
Parking congestion on John Street, Matlock.

Fuming residents are aiming to take back the streets – by stopping council workers from parking outside their homes.

People living on Matlock Bank say Derbyshire County Council workers are making their lives a misery by using their streets for parking.

They debated the issue at a meeting with council staff in October but since then nothing has happened.

Jenni Treasure, of Hopewell Road, said: “They park there every day and there’s nowhere for residents to park. Nothing has changed since the meeting. It’s really frustrating.

“We’d be willing to pay for a residents’ parking scheme.”

Andrea Rawson, of Hopewell Road, said: “I have to put up with walking in the street as the pavement is blocked with cars.

“The attitude of the council people is the worst thing. They act as though they own the street.”

Around a dozen streets are affected, including Hopewell Road, Henry Avenue, Smedley Street, Wellington Street and Jackson Road.

Councillor Steve Flitter, who chaired last year’s meeting at County Hall, said: “Since that meeting nothing’s happened at all. We found no favour, no support and very little encouragement and residents came away from that meeting feeling disgusted and let down by the officers of the county council.

“There’s an attitude problem when you talk about car parking. I believe that parking provision should be paramount and that the county council should create more parking for their employees.”

Dozens of people contacted the Mercury about the issue this week, with many saying they would support a residents’ parking scheme.

Andrew Rowell, of Jackson Road, said: “I have an issue with County Hall staff using the whole of Matlock Bank as their own private car park.

“I was at the meeting about parking and to say they were unsinterested would be an understatement.”

John Fellows, of Hopewell Road, said: “The parking issue has got totally out of control, on one hand they say they don’t have enough spaces in the council employee car park, yet when I leave for work at 6.35am workers are already arriving to park on side streets.”

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire County Council said: “In 2005 we proposed a residents’ parking permit scheme in the area around County Hall. The scheme was designed to make it easier for people who rely on on-street parking but residents rejected it. These roads are public roads and as such anyone with a taxed and insured vehicle is entitled to park on them. We provide a car share scheme to help reduce the number of vehicles travelling to County Hall. We also promote alternatives such as cycling to work and flexible working.”

n Are you a council employee who can’t find anywhere else to park in Matlock? Email and tell us what you want to see done about the issue – we also want to hear your side of the story.