No wonder teens are disheartened

I am writing on behalf of my son, Ashley, and all the other young people of Darley Dale.My son is 25 years old has to job search every day or he will get his job seeker’s allowance stopped.

I think this is ridiculous as we do not have a laptop and there is only one job centre in Matlock, where you have to book an appointment to be able to visit.

We have no library here in Darley Dale, so you either have to go to the library in Matlock, or the one in Wirksworth, which means paying bus fare every day, when you cannot afford to do so.
What Matlock needs is an internet cafe, so as young people could job search and not feel intimidated by having to go to the job centre, being told to apply for jobs which at the present time, there are none.
All these companies are closing down, causing more unemployment and yet young people are told that there are jobs out there.
My son applies for up to twenty jobs a day and never even recieves a letter of thanks for enquiring about the job on offer. 
No wonder teenagers and young people get dis-heartened. 
How are they meant to feel after they are constantly made to feel like nothing?
There are many young people out there looking for work, so job centres should go easy on them as they are trying their best and they can’t do much more than that.

L.M. Greenhagh

Darley Dale