Nurse helps to save snake bitten pup on Curbar Edge

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A puppy that was bitten by an adder at Curbar Edge was saved thanks to the skills of a quick-thinking nurse.

The seven-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Buddy, was bitten by the snake while out walking on Curbar Edge with his owner, Nathan Hurst, 28 and his nurse mum, Gail Hurst on May 6.

“We were walking along and Buddy ran off,” said Gail. “Then we suddenly saw him leap in the air yelping.

“We ran over thinking he had been stung by a bee, but saw this snake, about two foot long.”

Gail – who works for NHS Sheffield – immediately sprung to action to help save the whimpering pup.

“I just thought, if it was a human that was bitten, what would I do?”

She made a makeshift tourniquet for his injured paw out of a shoelace and Nathan carried him the two miles back to the car. They took Buddy to the emergency vet in Sheffield who managed to save the animal’s life.

Gail added: “He is recovering really well at home. But I just worry about children playing in the long grass on Curbar Edge.”