Ode to Erik

The letter regarding a dedicated milkman prompted us to add our own thanks to “Eric the Milk” who is also in his 70’s and has delivered our milk for over 50 years. We have lived at 3 different addresses in the Matlock/Darley Dale area and he has never once failed to deliver, whatever the weather.This also inspired me to seek out a poem we submitted for a competition which I think was run by the “Express Dairy” back in the 1970’s.
Ode to Eric The Milk
Often early- but never late,
Milk on the doorstep well before eight.
With witty remarks and cheery smile,
He’s delivered our milk for a very long while.
Providing a service to which most would aspire,
Defying all weathers he’s the best in the shire.

Ken and Muriel Brailsford