‘Iconic’ Shirland village mannequin stolen

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If you live in or have ever passed through the village of Shirland, chances are you have seen Dolly the mannequin.

But the plastic female statue, which has been a fixture in the village for more than 20 years, has been stolen.

Dolly, who moved from Shirland Post Office to her most recent home at Potters Pantry on Main Road a year ago, was last seen wearing a red pinafore and a blonde wig.

Charlotte Prince, 33, from nearby Higham, said the mannequin is ‘a village icon’.

She said: “Dolly has been there since I was younger, and now I have kids of my own and they all know her.

“She gets dressed up at different events throughout the year.

“The mannequin has always been part of the village.

“People are going to be really miffed.”

The owner of Potters Pantry, Vicki Potter, said the mannequin was stolen in broad daylight.

She said: “A man came into my shop and he has almost passed out so I was keeping an eye on him.

“Then two people pulled up in a white van.

“One of the men waved at me then just drove off. Someone later told me men in another white van had filmed them stealing Dolly.”

She added: “I know it might just be a mannequin, but to us in the village she is a village mascot.”

Derbyshire Police said they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

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