TIBSHELF: Cow killed after getting loose on the M1

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A cow was killed after it escaped from a field and found its way onto the M1.

The pedigree Aberdeen Angus was hit by a car and a van after wandering onto the busy motorway, about 100 yards from the services at Tibshelf at around 3.40am this morning (June 3).

Police said there were no injuries, but the cow was dead upon their arrival. The driver of the car was treated for shock.

Another of the cows from the herd also got onto the motorway, but managed to cross the six lanes unharmed.

The owner of the cattle, Miriam Flack, of Pinxton, said the escape bid happened after someone damaged the fencing on the cows’ field, off Sawpit Lane, which she rents from the Highways Agency.

She said: “We saw that someone had taken a whole piece out of the fencing. I can’t be sure but I think it is people walking dogs.

“One of the cows crossed the entire motorway and ended up at the service station on the other side. By some miracle she avoided the traffic. The very thought of what carnage could have happened, it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

All of her other cows – which cost around £800 each – have been temporarily relocated while damage to the fence is repaired.